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Residential Rubbish Removal
M & M Landscaping and Rubbish Removal, Inc. is proudly owned by Chet Murphy and operated by his daughter, Dawn Johnson.     M & M has been proudly serving the residential and business community here in Winchester, MA for over 40 years. Our company specializes in rubbish removal and recycling, lawn maintenance, hardscape and landscape design. Call us now at (781) 729-2021.
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Dear Valued Customers,

            For the safety of our workers, please bag and tie all loose trash. Recycling will need to be bagged in a large trash bag or kitchen size bag (not grocery brown bags-they are too small). All cardboard needs to be broken down, flattened and stacked. We do not want to handle any loose items, whether it be it trash or recycling, everything needs to be bagged and will be deposited appropriately. If you have any questions, please always feel free to contact us via or at the office (781)729-2021. We check our emails and voicemails frequently. Above all-please stay safe, healthy and well.

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